Quality politics

Electronics Selco, S. L. has established, documented, implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), according to the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001 that seeks, with its development and evolution, the continuous improvement in the work it performs.

Management undertakes to review and keep this QMS up-to-date in a way that helps the organization to satisfy customer and stakeholder requirements at all times. Considering our customers as a fundamental part for the operation of our company, we must give them the best attention. As well as determine and meet the requirements specified by customers, with the purpose of increasing their satisfaction with the service provided by adapting at all times to their requests. In addition, the organization is committed to meet the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity of the Company.

Consequently, for this purpose, Management has established this Policy as a framework of real, measurable and coherent objectives with the reality and needs of the Company, conveniently disseminated to all staff for their knowledge and understanding, leaving a clear path for any suggestion that these may contribute.

The management agrees to:

  • Provide the necessary means and resources so that the Policy and the Quality Objectives are a reality paying attention to the technological evolution and to establish as a fundamental criterion the continuous improvement of our services, incorporating all the advances that are within our reach.
  • Consolidate Selco Electronics in the outsourcing of electronic card assembly, for which, a continuous investment in resources, both technical and human, is made.
  • Analyze all the data obtained during the daily operation of Selco, so that it can make the necessary decisions to achieve maximum performance of the work carried out.
  • To promote mutual respect for all workers with the firm conviction that it will help us to improve the functioning of our Company, which will result in the quality of our product and service.

The Management of the Company is the main responsible for ensuring the proper functioning and development of this Quality Management System, with the essential support of the entire workforce, as well as suppliers and customers.

Fdo: Manager, June 27, 2018