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Pol. Ind. El Escopar, c/A - 22. 31350 Peralta - Navarra

We recognise the critical nature of some of the final products into which our electronic boards and assemblies will be inserted.  Precision and efficiency are two features that distinguish SELCO as a reliable partner in industries such as electro-medicine.

Some products developed


Screen printed templates, up to a maximum size of 680 x 500 mm.
3D-inspection of solder paste, up to a maximum size of 800 mm.
Component assembly up to 127,000 CPH, maximum PCB size up to 610 x 400mm and component sizes between 0201'' (0603mm) - 2.95'' (75mm).
Reflow welding of 8 heating zones and 2 cooling zones.
2D/3D AOI with capacity for larger than standard PCBs, up to the maximum size of 810 x 610 mm and components up to package size of 01005.
Verification equipment for electromechanical assemblies and cards according to customer specifications.
X-ray inspection.

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