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Quality Department
Quality Department

High quality standards

We subject our processes and final products to the most rigorous quality tests, guaranteeing that they reach the market with the highest standards. This is ensured by ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, our own professional quality team, and the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries standard, which is the foundation of our manufacturing process.


To increase the quality of our goods, SELCO’s technical quality team is continually updating their knowledge and training. For that purpose, we have customer-approved control plans, a control and traceability system based on barcode reading of the components used in each assembly, ESD-protected installations, and multiple quality checks and product tests based on earlier prototypes. Another component that SELCO considers for the quality of our final products is the quality of the raw materials, which we have complete control over and work only with the top suppliers in the industry.


SELCO not only adheres to worldwide quality standards, but our Quality Department also establishes its own.

The SELCO team develops test equipment and software for testing electronic boards and electromechanical assemblies. This consists of inserting the electronic board into the test tool and the software runs through the board to establish whether it is correctly assembled and working properly.

SELCO is your supplier of quality electronic assemblies.

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