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Pol. Ind. El Escopar, c/A - 22. 31350 Peralta - Navarra
Production Department
Production Department

Electronic solutions that adapt to your business

At Selco we attach importance to the ability to adapt our manufacturing process to the wide range of customer typologies that put their trust in us. Our production team is highly adaptable to the many needs that are required, producing electronic boards and equipment with a wide range of diverse characteristics. Our workforce is complemented by cutting-edge machinery.


We develop a prototype once the design has been determined and the product has been authorised in the customer-focused product review (NPI) to carry out all of the necessary tests and trials to certify its quality and facilitate its mass production.

At SELCO we take care of everything. We work with certified suppliers to obtain the raw materials and we take care of the entire assembly process. Although we also have customers who prefer to provide their own raw materials. In any case, we adapt to the needs and requirements of customers.


SELCO is capable of designing and manufacturing electronic assemblies for short runs, in selected or exclusive products, always focused on satisfying our customers’ specific needs, but we also have adequate production capacity and the necessary machinery to carry out mass production.

Key figures from SELCO:

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