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Pol. Ind. El Escopar, c/A - 22. 31350 Peralta - Navarra

Passion for engineering

Electrónica SELCO is a subcontracting company with over 25 years of experience in the assembly of electronic cards and electromechanical equipment, as well as technical and after-sales support.

Our ability to adapt to the market and our customers’ demands through a nearby and dependable service enables us to offer a variety of services to the brands we work with, including technical assistance throughout the process and after-sales service, while always seeking continuous improvement of our products and services.
Engineering department

Our Engineering Department team works closely with our clients to offer them tailored solutions


We collaborate with our clients in the development and introduction to the market of their new products


We have the best mounting and assembly teams, in addition to exhaustive manufacturing and quality controls


We have our own quality team and numerous ISO certifications that guarantee our commitment


SELCO has total control over the raw material, working with leading suppliers in the sector


Our commercial team attends to requests and seeks the best technological solution for each company

Some industry sectors
Clear Filters
Renewable energy
Automotive Sector
Vertical transportation
Vending machines and hospitality
IoT – Telecommunications
Machinery and tools
Quality and certifications

SELCO holds the ISO9001 and ISO14001Certification, in addition to quality control throughout the value chain, which ranges from raw materials, the implementation of improvements, quality tests and product improvements with the guarantee of the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries standard.


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