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SPI technology the Selco Electronics production process

What is an inspection of solder paste?
As the name implies, this process involves the use of specialized inspection equipment to test deposits of the solder paste. SPI equipment helps to measure different volumes onto each of the pads to solder with the correct amount of the paste during the application and printing processes.

What benefits brings up the utilization of SPI machine?
There are many advantages and benefits, which electronic card manufacturers and customers can get thanks to SPI equipment for PCB welding:

  • It is an efficient method to control welding printing processes.
  • SPI reports to manufacturer about the identification of defects in welding joints at an early stage what helps solve a problem instantly. Obviously, it helps manufacturers and customers to save money and to avoid extra expenses.
  • The SPI process is performed before the process of welds meltion and before the placing any of the components component on the circuit board.

Why should be given importance to SPI?
The choice to invest in SPI machine can help to solve main problems related to the applying of welding joints and defects detection. The following points justify the relevance of this process:

  • Most defects in electronic cards are related to the printing process with paste welding.
  • The measurement of the solder paste volume allows the manufacturer to insure the quality and long-term reliability of the solder joints.
  • To avoid extra expenses in areas such as post-reflow processes and in-circuit testing.
  • Process control results the production of ensured fine pitch devices.
  • SPI provides exact measurement of the solder paste height during the printing process. This can lead to a reduction of the electrical components density. As well, it supports the miniaturization of the components.
  • Strict control during the assembly process increases durability of the products.

For ELECTRONICA SELCO quality comes first. This is the reason because of which our production process was complemented with SPI technology.

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