With the help of our experts, both at the design and production process levels, we offer you to take your ideas to reality.

Our extensive experience in the industrial and innovation sectors helps us to work together with our clients and overcome the difficulties of each project and thus make a viable, functional product adapted to their industrial manufacturing process.

SELCO is part of an industrial area, which is made up of multiple companies coming from a great variety of mechanical specialties, which allows each section that constitutes the product to be elaborated by a company specialized in this raw material, phase or process, increasing This way the quality of the products and offering the customer the specialization of each supplier.



At Selco we have a technical team with extensive experience in electronic and mechanical design. Offering services of::

  • Extensive experience in the programming of any type of micro and embedded systems.
  • Extensive experience in routing printed circuits (multilayer, flexible, etc.)
  • Development of mechanical parts (3D, SolidWorks)
  • Design and Development of electronic boards (hardware and software)
  • Experience in the design of metal parts of all kinds.
  • Experience in the design of plastic parts.
  • Approvals and product certifications.
  • Assembly of first prototypes for tests and validations.
  • Technical Office and own product engineering for the industrialization of projects where the design is already done by the client.
  • Projects of different types (capacitive systems, sensory, IOT, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and verification tools: real or simulated functional test using LabVIEW programming, test in circuit, etc …




  • AOI in 2D.
  • AOI in 3D, with capacity for PCB with measurements above the standard and components up to an encapsulation of size 01005.
  • Assembly of electronic cards in equipment.
  • Welding equipment for conventional or THT components.
  • Electromechanical equipment verification teams.
  • Card verification equipment.
  • Conventional component assembly or THT.
  • Assembly of SMD components (BGA’s, QFN’s, 01005, etc.)
  • Pick & place Samsung, with capacity for PCB with measures above the standard o Automatic screen printing, with capacity for PCB with measures above the standard.
  • Remelting welding.
  • SPI (screen printed paste inspection) 3D, with capacity for PCB with measurements above the standard.
  • Control and traceability computer system by reading bar codes of the components used for each assembly.
  • Automatic selective soldering line.
  • Smart cabinet for MSL control and traceability.

In Electrónica SELCO we differentiate ourselves by the exhaustive control of manufacturing and quality.



Strong customer focus, constant attention and teamwork are qualities that enable clients and Selco Electronics to work as one: we are a partner you can trust.

Our proactive attitude and customer-centered approach are the basis for our ample customer service.

We repair circuit boards and offer our clients technical support, including control mechanisms and a team experienced in making reliable repairs and finalizing projects on time.

  • Analysis of possible failures in the design of the product for continuous improvement.
  • Returns management.
  • Redesign of the product for cost improvement.
  • Spare parts.


We manage all the raw materials needed in the production of each electronic mechanism, be it electronic material, metal sheets, wiring harnesses, plastic…except when the client prefers to manage such purchases themselves, or the purchase of a specific component, independently.


Always working with the best in the sector, official distribution and manufacturers. Customizing every detail to the client’s needs while keeping in accordance with the corresponding rules and regulations.

  • Storage.
  • Analysis of the logistics needs of the product and the markets.
  • Purchase and stock management.
  • Packaging.
  • Shipment tracking.
  • Logistic management system through its own ERP.
  • Product traceability.


  • Certification in ISO9001: 2015.
  • Certificacion in ISO14001:2015.
  • Quality control in raw materials.
  • Control and monitoring of the humidity of the electronic components.
  • Technical team of own and professionalized quality.
  • Quality guarantee throughout the value chain.
  • Implementation of improvements to raise the quality of our products.
  • Installations prepared for ESD protection.
  • Control plans approved by customers.
  • Monitoring of indicators for the constant improvement of processes.
  • Quality test and product tests.
  • Control and traceability computer system by reading bar codes of the components used for each assembly.
  • Our quality standards are based on IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries regulations.