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Pol. Ind. El Escopar, c/A - 22. 31350 Peralta - Navarra
Commercial Department
Commercial Department

Proximity and communication as a differential value

Approachability, continuous attention, the ability to analyse needs, and teamwork are the major features that make SELCO the ideal partner for the development of electronic boards and equipment.


Our service does not end once the boards or electronic equipment are delivered. The commercial team at SELCO make it their duty to follow up after the sale, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, and following through from the start of the design to the delivery of the finished product.

We have set up a service to handle returns, potential product design enhancements, and the delivery of spare components.

We have enabled a service for managing returns, possible improvements in product design and spare parts shipment.


Constant communication with the consumer is critical for SELCO. We must comprehend their requirements, as well as their product, interact with their technical team, and apply this understanding to the final result. And of course with exceptional quality and ready for a demanding and competitive market.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SELCO; our team would be happy to assist you.

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