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Pol. Ind. El Escopar, c/A - 22. 31350 Peralta - Navarra
Engineering department
Engineering department

Innovation, support and quality

Our philosophy includes supporting the customer through our design and manufacturing team at all times. As a result, our services include consulting, the design of assemblies and boards based on our customers’ ideas or from scratch based on their needs, as well as manufacturing using cutting-edge technology.

SELCO is the electronic solution for your company.


SELCO works with customers’ technical teams to make their ideas a reality, both in terms of design and the manufacturing process.

Our experience in the industrial and technology sectors, as well as in innovation, enables us to work with our clients to develop a viable, practical product that is tailored to their industrial manufacturing process.

One of SELCO’s distinguishing features is that the company is divided into departments, so that each task is completed by a SELCO division which is fully specialised in that phase or process, improving the value and final quality of the product.


SELCO’s technical team has considerable experience in electronic and mechanical design, and undertakes ongoing training and retraining in order to provide the best electronic solutions for each customer.

We have extensive knowledge in programming micro and embedded systems, in printed circuits routing (multilayer, flexible…), we develop mechanical parts (3D, SolidWorks), we design and develop electronic boards (hardware and software), with experience in the design of metal and plastic parts, we assemble the first prototypes for testing and validation. Our Technical and Engineering Office performs real and simulated functional tests using LabVIEW programming, test in circuit, etc.

And other services that we make available to our customers.

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